Mass Media and Media Convergence Essay

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Media Convergence Worksheet

Write brief 250- to 300-word answers to each of the following:

|Questions |Answers |
|What is meant by the term media |Media convergence means that the lines are getting blurred between the traditional forms |
|convergence with regard to technology, |of media and they are almost becoming one big media source. A decade ago, there were many |
|and how has it affected everyday life? |clear differences between print media, TV, the internet in general and social media in |
| |particular. Newspapers now have websites you can look on instead of having to actually go |
| |out and purchase a newspaper. These websites also deliver news in real time such as you |
| |can see videos of weather updates rather than having to read them. Television stations |
| |also have websites you can go online and view. If you are not home to view a television |
| |show or the news you can catch it online later in some cases you can even view it directly|
| |from your smart phone. Movies are now available for you to view on the internet or |
| |directly from your smart phone with Netflix. is a website where you can view |
| |television shows from the past and present this is something that once could not be done. |
| |Viewers can now participate in live television shows via social media. Shows such as Nancy|
| |grace let you call directly and give your opinion on cases in the news media. Things are |
| |all converging in to one big media vehicle so to speak. This is the best examples I could |
| |come up with and thoroughly and explain my answer. I am looking forward to learning more |
| |things on media convergence throughout my nine weeks participating in this class. |
|What is meant by the term media |Media convergence gives a business the opportunity to share information regarding many |
|convergence with regard to business, and|topics within the business and to others outside of the business such as costumers. This |
|how has it affected everyday life? |is really appropriate to meet a consumer’s desire for instant and easy to acquire |
| |information from the particular business. Media convergence regarding business is used to |
| |offer media in a more professionally, efficiently and in an on demand way. In other words|
| |media convergence brings the opportunity to provide information that is to be acquired |
| |when a customer wants to know it regarding any topic. Media convergence cons include less|
| |serviceable performance and fewer personnel to reach more people daily. Some elements are|
| |acquired from media devices or procedures in order to add on stipulate material. Thanks |
| |to today technology, people can receive information regarding any services provided by any|
| |business or company directly to the person’s personal email in just minutes from the |
| |request. Other ways can be through web pages