Essay on Mass Media Communication

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Active resistance
Passive resistance
Whites were terrorized
Turner killed white master and kid
Killed all whites
North had more representers than south
Texas territory us for 0 million
Border ruffian – hangs out

"The Federal Government should significantly strengthen the regulation of mass media communication in the United States",8599,1864141,00.html Talks about how any source of media can lead to poor academic achievement, adhd, alchol use, childhood obesity, tobacco use, sexual behavior, and drug use. Kids get bad habits online, parents need to talk to kids
Violence in video games, some people examples- many researchable statistics- Seems like there is only violent shows out now
Media glorifies violence

The mainstream media can be bad

Mandate: set up TV / cable – codes to block – acess to children

Enhance the vchip

Funding – cable companies- rise

Explain vchip to customers during setup of cable

Newspaper, 1996 tlevommunications- television

Timeline: 2013 summer

Jan 2000 – all televisions were required to have v-chip technology
You know why they call the v chip the “V” chip? Its because the V is for violence

Password can easily be changed if looked at in the manuel.
Enter the default 0,0,0,0 password.
It will say invalid....
but re-inputting 0,0,0,0 again will unlock.