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Effects of Mass Media Paper
Gwendolyn Matthews
January 6, 2013
Danita Lloyd

Through research I have found that the first thing that Americans do when they wake up in the morning is check their cell phones. At this present time in history media and communication have taken a strong hold over our daily lives, seeking out answers in the media to form our own opinion and discover what is affecting us as individuals. We use the media as a tool to help us decide our political views, or what places to visit. Over the last century Mass media has developed tremendously and the changes have influenced the American culture. This paper will list information on major developments in Mass Media over the last century. How these developments affect The American Culture. What is Media Convergence and Media Literacy and how it affects our life?
What were the major developments in Mass Media over the last century? Magazines and newspaper were the main sources of mass media in the early 1900’s. Then in 1940 the radio began a new source for obtaining news. Even though newspapers were still in demand the radio was a convenient way to obtain accounts of the war. Television was a blend of the daily newspaper and the radio and people embellished it. Then in 1962 the satellite was launched and gave people access to worldwide news. From then to now inventions of communicating have broadened. Now there are mobile phones, computers and the internet, and the process just keeps growing. The way children learn in the classroom is nothing like it use to be. Mass media will continue to develop, so if you want to keep up with change then a person must be willing to gain knowledge about present and future inventions of media.
How have these developments influenced American Culture? These developments have influenced American culture in a number of ways. People became more independent when print arrived. They did not have to rely on preachers, teachers or storytellers. They were allowed to read and interpret what was published in their own way. An industrial revolution evolved when machine printing was invented allowing publishers to publish a bunch of books ("Effects Of Mass Media On American Culture", 2014). The average middle class Americans was empowered in the workforce. The internet made it possible for people to obtain information in an instant. This led to a lot of media outlets for America. Television gave people a visual to add to the information that was sent. Film arrived and it became a great way to paint a picture for its audience ("Effects of Mass Media on American Culture", 2014).
What is Media Convergence and Media Literacy and how do they affect everyday life? Media convergence is the