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Effects of Mass Media Worksheet

Write 250- to 350-word answers to each of the following questions in the matrix:

What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media during the 20th century?
Through the 20th century the major developments of mass media were described and placed into two types: print media and broadcast media. The broadcast media was described as both radio and televisions. The printing media consisted mainly of newspapers and magazines. There were also the other categories of media that began arising such as: Recordings, cinemas, internet, and even mobile phones. As for the recordings this was a way for something of importance to be recorded in order to use at a later time to regain the information. Cinemas such as movies were used to get a visual recording to explain scenarios as well as enjoyment purposes. Once the internet began its exposure it was a whole new style for some people. The use of computers in order to see information via the web rather than reading from a paper or listening to the radio. The mobile phone was a pretty big one as well to develop. It gave people the opportunity to interact with one another without being face to face with them. Thus giving two individuals the power to communicate even not being just at different houses, but one could be at home while the other is in the car on their way to do some grocery shopping. All of these developments are still advancing to this day, which is still shocking people due to the intensities of it all. All of the mass media are growing day by day with or without us really realizing it all. Someday I can see there being a break where all of the previous developments emerging together and all serving the same purpose but are more so combined.
How did each development influence American culture?
The development of print media has had a more impact on culture than I originally thought. In previous centuries, newspapers and magazines were all that the generations had to keep them informed of what was going on. It almost had turned into a routine for people to participate and find out what was going on