Mass Migration Analysis

Words: 1905
Pages: 8

Mass migration has become an increasingly important topic of discussion among scholars; it raises questions surrounding the factors which pushed immigrants to migrate, the implications of their experiences in these new social settings and the implications of the adaptation process. Italian emigration to the United States was driven by the desire for economic achievement as well as the drive to obtain specific benefits that the migrant was not able to receive in their own country. As a result, emigration increased as Italians moved to countries such as Argentina and the US in the hopes of finding better opportunities and creating brighter futures for their families. Among these migrants were women seeking out new opportunities who in doing so …show more content…
The need to supply for the family became a more important aspect of the family life than who young women worked with; the main purpose was an economic strategy for survival, all of them gave their families their salary as a further means of support. In regards to education, parents were less anal about their children attending further education than high school and more hopeful on their children finishing high school in order to receive better positions to provide for the family. Most young Italian women had the potential and intelligence to continue onto higher education, however, with the pressure to make ends meet in a foreign land from their own it was inevitable that education would be more rushed with the focal point more on work. The high school experience for these young was more than just a means to receive a higher paying job though, it was yet another place where they would be socialized with new values and ideals as well as a place where they could truly experience their youth; most importantly it created competition with the family life. Young men and women could meet after classes on Fridays for dances, it became an institution whose job it was to dilute un-American forms of culture and teach the students more American