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75 Oak Street
Harwich, MA

Dear Soldier,

Hi! My name is Marygrace Connolly. I’m 16 years old, attending Monomoy Regional High School as a sophomore. I come from a big crazy family. 7 kids; 6 girls and 1 boy and I am stuck as the 5th one. Our family events are full of fights, yelling, laughing, crying, and swearing, which is also a usual day in our house. I also have a German Shepard named Max.

Recently my parents have built a house in Harwich, the 6th house they’ve built. I’ve moved back and forth a lot through Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. I love living Maine, in Blue Hill, right on the coast. It’s been the best place to live and to grow up. I’m back living on the Cape now, but my families moving back to Maine again. We can’t just stay in one place. There’s no real reason of why we move so much. I think it’s become a hobby of theirs.

I’ve played Soccer and Softball since 5th grade, and some Basketball. I enjoy going to the beach, I could live there for the rest of my life. I love going boating, and four wheeling, not really a fan of dirt biking anymore, since I crashed and almost broke my neck; but I would still go on one with someone else. Recently I traveled with my friend Caitlyn back from Maine, and her family, took me on a road trip to Florida. I loved seeing North Carolina and South Carolina, it was beautiful. Also Virginia, with the mountains and fields everywhere. So many farms everywhere, reminded me of New Hampshire. I enjoyed my