Massachusetts Bay Colony and New England Essay

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AP US History Chapter 1-4 Terms
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Chapter 1

Teotihuacan- This was one of the largest urban areas in the world when the Mayan’s founded it in 300 BCE in Mexico. The city had a large commercial network that allowed it to be a center of trade where travelers would buy goods like obsidian. The urban area also served as a cultural mecca with pyramids and the temple of Quetzalcoah.

Sexual Division of Labor in North American Cultures- The sexual division of labor was that the women would gather food while the men hunted. The woman would also take care of the children until they were old enough to go off with their same sex parent. They also would collect shellfish in fishing communities. The men would hunt, fish, and clear land.

Factories Contributing to European Exploration-During the 15th and 16th century technology was advancing and there were new rulers who wanted to find better access to goods in Asia and Africa. The desire for the goods grew as a result of the new rulers. The exploration trips served as both spreading religion and finding the access necessary to receive more goods from foreign countries.

Encomienda System- This system was established by Cortes and it allowed for conquistadors to enslave Indian villages. However, in 1542 the Spanish wanted an end to the enslavement of the people. The enslavement was granted, but the conquistadors still collected money and goods from them. The conquistadors began enslaving Africans instead as there was less control on them than the Europeans.

A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia- This was written by scientist, Thomas Harriot. He had sailed to Roanoke on one of the first voyages. The report explained the animals, plants and other wildlife there. It also explained why the Europeans were not able to have friendly relations with the locals.

Sir Walter Raleigh- He was an explorer that was authorized by Queen Elizabeth to colonize North America. After preliminary explorations, Raleigh sent 117 colonists to Virginia in 1587. The established the settlement established was Roanoke. Roanoke mysteriously had all of the settlers vanish with only the word Croatoan written on a tree.

Chapter 2

Iroquois Huron War- The war began in 1640 between the Iroquois and Hurons. The Iroquois traded heavily with the Dutch and lived upstate New York. While the Hurons traded with the French and were situated in Ontario. The Iroquois’ goals were to become a major European supplier in in pelts and have a greater sense of security when they were hunting. The Iroquois were able to complete both of these goals through the use of guns provided by the Dutch. The Hurons were essentially eliminated.

Sugar in the Caribbean- Sugar became a staple in European diets. The sweetener was discovered around the same time as coffee and tea, making the bitter drinks sweeter. Sugar caused many European countries to gain more land in the Caribbean. This craze to hold more land in the islands was because the English discovered in the 1640s that Barbados had the perfect climate to harvest sugar cane. Profits skyrocketed for the people in the Barbados until others caught on to the great climate in other surrounding islands.

English Population Boom-The population boom began when the English sent large groups of colonists to mainland America in 1606. When the colony did well there was an influx of healthy American crops in England. As a result the population increased and England became overcrowded. This then led to a distinct upper and lower class in England’s economic hierarchy as people were becoming homeless.

Puritans- These were a group of people during Elizabeth I time as the Head of the Church of England. They were first known as English Calvinists who had followed the ideas of Calvin. But their goal was to purify the church and so their name was changed to Puritans. They believed that God saved them for salvation.