Massive Meltdown Summary

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The article “Massive Meltdown” written by Stephanie Warren Drimmer usea writing style to create mood. In the article the author uses specific writing style. Since there is a specific writing style it creates mood.The author's writing style is specific enough to create mood of concern.
The passage has a writing style of reporting and informative. In the article the author writes and repeats what the scientist have discovered and found. As the reader you learn this from the line of the text that states, “scientist have concluded.” The line of text tells you that it isn’t what the author found, it’s what scientist have found, and she’s just reporting back to the reader. Additionally she cites data. An example from the text is where it’s written
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In the article it uses a variety of vivid vocabulary, which could make a person concerned. The author specifically states, “The rushing water was only a degree above freezing-a result of massive amounts of ice melting.” This quote is the line of text that helps draw the reader in by using strong vocabulary. The wording of the citation is strong enough to show that the author is concerned with the words, “rushing water,” “ only a degree above freezing,” and “ massive amounts of ice melting.” Additionally the author talks about the extension of the issue by saying a team of scientist and not just a scientist. The text tells the reader this with the line from the article that states, “a helicopter dropped Overstreet on one side of the rushing river of meltwater they planned to study. The chopper brought the rest of his team to the other side.” The quote shows that there's more than one scientist studying the meltwater all at once trying to figure out what is happening. This draws the reader and makes them realize the author included that there was more than one scientist to tells us that she thinks that the amount of scientist working on one thing is concerning. By using a exquisite vocabulary this tells you that the author is concerned and that can result in the reader becoming concerned. The mood of the article is assembled through the words of the text. The article “Massive Meltdown” by Stephanie Warren Drimmer has a particular