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BYD Auto Marketing strategy Zhang Chuang Marketing MSM Cohort 5 Keuka College Professor: Zhao yang

1.0 Introduction of BYD Auto Company BYD refers build your dream, the company first started as a private owned company in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. The company was established by February, 1995, firstly focus on the rechargeable batteries producing, it also has the largest market share for Nickel-cadmium batteries, handset Li-ion batteries, cell-phone chargers and keypads worldwide. In 2001, BYD become almost the NO1 producer in the rechargeable batteries, Nickel-cadmium batteries, handset li-ion batteries and some other electronic field. BYD is a technology-based company and have high ability of acknowledge and innovation in battery field, which make the BYD decide to enter the automobile manufacturing field. In 2002, BYD Co ltd acquires 100% of the Qinchuan Automobile Company. BYD start the whole owned BYD auto. The BYD auto has an electronic automobile producing line include daily drivers of all sorts, small compacts, people carriers, small sedans and Hybrid electric vehicles. BYD has the sorts of vehicle include the traditional fuel passenger vehicle F3、 F3R、F6、F0、G3、G3R、L3/G6、Sport Cabriolet S8、High end SUV Model S6 and MPV M6. The company also owns the global advanced dual-mode electric vehicle F3DM, F6DM and Pure electronic Vehicle E6. 2.0 Recommendation to BYD BYD grasp the last chance to start its auto manufacturing business in china, but the company face the fierce market competition and brand image crisis at the first it was established. When BYD auto was established, he does not has its own auto manufacture system and know nothing about vehicle manufacturing, but its competitor are the state own vehicle manufacturer who has about 40 years’ experience in this industry and has already corporate with Top vehicle auto manufacturer. Almost one hundred percentages of its target customer think its product as a low quality and low oil-efficiency. It means BYD has weakness on both the product producing and target customer group. The recommendation for BYD’s market strategy is as follow, build the new brand image among the Chinese customer and improve BYD’s manufacturing process in order to reach the high quality product.
3.0 SWOT analysis and 4P analysis 3.1 4P analysis BYD has already entered the auto-manufacturing industry for ten years. Here is a 4Ps analysis of BYD auto’s product. The 4ps will be the traditional 4Ps analysis, it include Product, Price, Promotion and Place.
3.11 products The company has a full line of passenger Vehicle, it will include the traditional fuel model, hybrid model, Sport Cabriolet and High ends MPV. Its quality is always low, customer always complaint for the frequent product problems. The BYD car’s design is always copying from the famous international brands, now innovation, and its brand name stands for the company’s culture and a image of Chinese private car manufacture.
3.12 prices, BYD’s vehicle’s price is very lower than the joint-venture brands product, sometimes the company will also have very high discount.
3.13 promotions BYD has already start its advertisement champion around the china, the company has its advertisement in CCTV-1 and most of the first line city’s local TV channel in china, its dealer also frequently sponsor the tourist activity among the BYD car owner.
3.14 places
There is something wrong with the BYD’s distribution web, the static date come from BYD Company and the date of how many BYD cars apply for Car NO is different. It means BYD does not have an integrated distribution channel. BYD cannot control its distribution channel tightly.
3.2 SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis is necessary for BYD Company in order