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A) Two crimes mentioned in the stimulus include crimes against a person (assault) and economic offenses / crimes against a property (shoplifting , damaging property ).

B) Our society has acknowledged the issue of juvenile crime and it is no denying that juvenile crime has been around for many generations . However due to the fact that there has been quite a dramatic increase in juvenile offenders , our society has began to take a new approach in dealing with such an issue and it has been relatively successful . The methods adopted by our society include rehabilitation , crime prevention and education .

The methodology or approach that our society has taken towards the issue of juvenile crime is quite effective in the way that it is generally targeting the root of the issue .With the growing awareness of the issue our government has enabled organisations to research and attempt to resolve this issue . A recent study by the NSW Juvenile Justice suggests that criminal youth have varied and complex motives for being involved in crime however there are general patterns or commonalities that exist between juvenile delinquents. The common factors in the juvenile delinquents becoming involved in crime include poor parenting , drug and alcohol abuse , homelessness , negative peer association , poor personal or social skills or difficulties in school and employment . With awareness of this , our society has become more open to the troubled youth by offering a multitude of programs and services in order to aid or support them in any way possible . For instances the Kids Hotline a free consuelling service for children , the Police Community Youth Centre (PCYC) a recreation centre etc.

Along with that , with new regulation such as the Childrens (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987 (NSW) prevent children under the age of 18 from being treated the same as adults in the criminal justice system and therefore receive more rights in which protect them . Our society has changed in order to prevent children from having to experience the criminal trial process , which could be quite a devastatingly traumatic event for them . Which will inevitably carve a negative perception towards the police or the legal system , that will remain even as they enter adulthood. With recognition that , delinquents should not at all costs be subjected to the traditional criminal proceedings (arrest) and/or the criminal trial process (traditional court) unless absolutely necessary . Alternatives to court have been established recently within the Young Offenders Act 1997 (NSW) which offers the juvenile offenders an alternative to the traditional criminal proceedings . For instance , juvenile offenders maybe issued a warning or caution on their first offense instead of immediate arrest . If the youth continues to commit crimes despite the prior notices , he/she is arrested and taken to court depending on the severity of the crime the juvenile’s case is generally heard in the Childrens Court .However other alternatives also exist such as youth justice conferences which under the young offenders act allows youth who admit to their crime to be dealt with by a conference consisting of different parties . Also under the Young offenders act the child’s education is also taken into consideration and dates of court are generally scheduled around his education in order to minimise disturbances or inconvenience in his/her educations. Under the Children’s (detention Centres) Act 1987 NSW , convicted juveniles are offered an alternative to prison . They are taken to a Juvenile justice centre where they can only serve two years maximum , the centre provides recreational , educational and counselling services . The main aim of the juvenile justice centre is rehabilitation which is relatively different to the aims of prison.
Education is also a minor method or tactic adopted inorder to reduced juvenile crime , a multitude of programs and organisations are out there that