Master Data Management at Cyclone Singapore Essay

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2. Master Data Management at Cyclone Singapore
In this assignment, our group has been assigned group number as “M3”. In the following transactions, all of entries with YY would be replaced to M3.
2.1 Vendor Master Records
The company has three different vendors which are CHEMIM3, ORECAM3 and SYMACM3.
In order to create these three vendors our group used the transaction code FK01, and with transaction code FK03 to display vendors we created.
Vendor: CHEMIM3

The above screen shot is the first vendor of CHEMIM3, and the other two vendors would be similar to the first vendor. The additional information could be using T-code FK03 to find out the other vendors.
2.2 Customer Master Records
This company also has three customers which are SG_M31, SG_M32 and SG_M33
In order to create these three customers we used the transaction code FD01, and with transaction code FD03 to display customers we created.
First Customer: SG_M31

The above screen shot is customer SG_M31 and more information can use T-code FD03 to find out.
In addition to, each customer required to link to allocate banks. In the following screen shot, the detail in relation to customer SG_M31 and we used transaction code FI03 to display it.

The requirements need us to activate the payment history for all customers and adjust the credit limits of $30000 and risk category ‘BBB’ for each customer. We used T-code: FD32 to change and FD33 to display. The following information is customer SG_M31.

2.3 Asset Master Records
Cyclone Singapore purchased a new packing Machine and the Vendor is SYMACM3.We created an asset use the transaction code AS01 and cost centre ABP1-2000 in business area PR20. The transaction code AS03 for display. The account of packing machine M3 is 20008.

2.4 General ledger accounts/ house bank

We need to create G/l use FS00 then we can link to the house bank.

The house bank linked with the G/L account by using FSV “INT”

3 Day to Day Transaction Processing

3.1 AP (and AA) Transactions
3.1.1 We use FB60 to post an invoice from vendor CHEMIM3 with $16964 including tax 3% and issued on 15/04/2014. The document number was 1900000016 and there was no problem occurred when we posted it. We used FB03 to display following documents.

3.1.2 The second invoice from vendor “ORECAM3” with $9120 and include 3% tax. It was issued on 22/04/2014. The document number was 1900000017.

3.1.3 The expense for the misc. chemicals was reduced by $600 including 3% tax issued on 23/04/2014. The transaction code is FB65. Our group has not entered invoice reference when we posted first time then the creditor memo and invoice has not been matched together when we run payment. The document number was 1700000009.

3.1.4 The invoice from Vendor SYMACM3 issued on 6/03/2014 for the new packing machine posted through an external acquisition of a fixed asset with transaction code F-90. The document number was 1900000018.

3.1.5 Our group procedure all the payments using automatic payment with transaction code F110 and documents number are 2000000010, 2000000011 and 2000000012.

3.2 AR Transactions
3.2.1 An invoice issued to customer SG_M31 on 10/05/2014 and the amount is $13950 as ‘domestic revenue’ and including 3% tax. We used transaction code FB70 to post GL account 400000. The document number was 1800000008

3.2.2 A down payment request issued to customer SG_M32 on 19/04/2014 and the amount is $4000 including 3% tax and due on 26/04/2014 by bank transfer using transaction code F-37. The document number was 1400000009

3.2.3 The down payment received 2 days later i.e. on 21/04/2014 into bank account SGA1 and using transaction code F-29. The document number was 1400000010.

3.2.4 The down payment issued to customer SG_M32 related invoice of $15000 including 3% tax on 26/04/2014 and to be paid by bank transfer by using transaction…