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Antigone Essay
The characters in the play “Antigone” underwent much stress and sorrow, especially Antigone herself. Antigone suffered from the death of her two brothers, Eteocles and Polyneices, her mother, and her father, yet she remained strong. However, when Creon was given the crown, he declared that Polyneices’s body was not to be touched, which was Antigone’s breaking point. She was motivated to bury her brother and stand up to Creon’s new, unwritten laws, which was driven by her stubbornness. In the end, her actions led to a not so promising downfall. The ancient Greek’s has a sacred law explaining that if a body goes unburied, their soul would forever have to roam the earth. Taking this into consideration, Antigone sought to save Polyneices’s soul from this cruel afterlife. She believed that Polyneices deserved no such fate, if Eteocles, who also played a part in the chaotic battle that took place in the city, was praised and given a proper burial. In addition, Antigone also wished to defy Creon’s rule and show her distaste towards him. She was motivated to do this by her tragic flaw, stubbornness. She felt her thoughts toward the situation had to be heard, and what better way to express her regards than by defying Creon. Supporting my analysis of Antigone’s stubbornness, her and Creon shared a dialogue displaying their feelings towards one another. Discussing Antigone’s crime, she says to Creon, “Your words are distasteful to me, and I am sure that mine seem so to you,” and also, she says, “I do confess: I deny nothing.” This last quote was a