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Mastering Team Skills in Interpersonal Communication
Week 3
Cory Blake
University of Phoenix

As I signed up take this class with Phoenix University, I knew this course wouldn’t be like all other general education courses. I believed that it would be challenging and both rewarding at the same time. After group/class discussion, I have a better understanding of the three-step process and being persuasive. I’m applying the techniques each and every day of my life. Amazingly all these ideas were exactly applicable. Persuasion is one of the things that I believe is the most strategic thinking step in presenting an idea, theory, thought or project. As I looked back, I found tons of different times where I could have used persuasion checking to overcome my problems or objections.
. While interacting as a team some of the experiences from the other students were very enlightening as discussed the weekly subjects. But there was another point that I felt was very important appreciation of ideas inside the group. Ideas and others perspective and experiences can make you look at things in a different setting.

Some times some approach to solving problems are totally opposite, But people think that is the right solution. Last year I was working for a contractor on a military base as a Master supply technician. I came across a few employee and security problems. I talked with my boss about that problems and according to the ethics manual some things needed to be addressed. My boss said keep an eye on it it doesn’t sound that serious. After several months over five thousand dollars in tools were stolen and when questioned by investigators he said he had no knowledge of it. As I look at the lesson this week my persuasion of the problem was strong enough.

While sharing ideas and exchanging thoughts within the class it replayed several experiences I had to experience while serving the Army as mentioned before. Sending a persuasive message can be challenging I must say. In my case I had to determine the pitch, tone, language, attitude, and importance of the message in order to get the right point across to soldier and leaders. Another point that I found valuable was the team discussion. Communication as a team can be very productive. During my twenty plus years serving the Army and training hundreds of soldiers for different military occupational skills the most effective way to build them up individually was have them master the team concept known to some as “the buddy team.” You have to know everything about the other person and look after the other person no matter what. One advantage to this is they got a chance to discredit stereo-types and erroneous belief about other people. One disadvantage was some people will not go against what their parent drilled in