Mastering Skill Essay

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Do you ever wonder how superstar athletes are so good and skilled at what they do? For example, why is Michael Jordan a legend in basketball, and why is he considered one of the greatest players in basketball history to ever step onto the courts? Why is Tiger Woods still so good at golf, despite the fact that he is aging? Why is Michael Phelps the most decorated Olympian ever? If you asked a pedestrian on the street, he or she would probably think that superstar athlete, musicians, mathematician and etc was born with the talent. While it is possible that people are born with talent, I believe that in order to truly master the skill, he or she also needs passion, motivation and hard work.
The first skill one needs in order to be a superstar athlete is to be passionate about whatever skill he or she wants to achieve. Passionate is described as intense emotion or strong feeling for someone or something. The Polgar sisters were very passionate about chess. Susan, the older sister of the 3 Polgar siblings, started chess first. When she was small, she stumbled upon a chess set in the closet that peaked her interest. One day the other two sisters saw Susan playing chess with their dad. They decided they wanted to learn the game, too, and that was how the Polgar sisters started chess and became passionate about the game.
Second of all, one would need motivation to become skilled at what he or she does. Motivation is the general desire of willingness of someone to do something. Ray Lewis is/was a football player who played for the Baltimore, Ravens. His teammates loved him because he knew how to motivate his team. Even though his team may be losing, he always found a way to motivate them to never give up. Whenever things went wrong on the field, he would know how to set a positive tone and outlook for his teammates. He would always tell them that they would have their comeback as long as they worked hard. Ray Lewis was a big influence to his team, setting goals for them and helping them achieve it by motivating them. While his team was in the locker room, he would fire his team up preparing them to get mentally tough and work through things no matter what. Third of all, I believe hard work