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Business Environment

For this project I have chosen to do the following: * YMCA * British Army

And now I will meet the criteria step-by-step.

P1: Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses.

First of all I will explain what type of business, what their purpose and what type of ownership it is first explaining YMCA and then the British Army

So for YMCA…
Type of Business:YMCA is avoluntary business which all profits go to charity. It is a voluntary business because everything in the store is donated, whether it is the people’s time or the products they sell which they get from people.
What’s their purpose:YMCA’s purpose is a fundraiser to help improve the lives of youths who have had a hard life at a young age.
Ownership: their ownership is private, it is more or less owned by the members/employers.

And now I shall do the British Army…
Type of Business:The British army is a non-profitable, public service.
What’s their purpose: The Army’s purpose is to serve their country by constantly working around the clock to respond to dangerous situations which are or could be a potential threat or strain to the security of the UK such as mass flooding or rooting out the Taliban.
Ownership: The British Armed Forces are supported by civilian agencies owned by the MoD (Ministry of Defence).
P2: Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses.

Now here I will list all the different stakeholders who have an interest in both YMCA and the Army.
First of all, YMCA. * Store employees/managers, these are the obvious stakeholders who help to keep the stores together. * Drivers, The drivers are the people who deliver the products to both the customer and other stores/warehouses. * Warehouse operatives, these people are who make sure the stock in the warehouses is safe. * Donators, The donators are the public who are basically the businesses only resource for donated goods. * Customers, these are the people who come in the shops to buy the recycled goods the donators give. * Shareholders, * Charity

And now the British Army. * Soldiers * Generals * Civilians * Government * Different countries * Britain itself * BAE

M1: Explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organisations.

To do the criteria I shall use P2’s examples of what stakeholders there are and expand on how they would influence the aims and objectives of these organisations.

And first, as always, YMCA. * Employees/Store managers: These are basically what make YMCA what it is, they are helpful people who organise the store and present it in an authentic way to attract the customers. So in this case the employees/store managers are what put the store how they see fit such as where the clothes and furniture is placed. Also these people are in charge of making decisions within a business as it is voluntary and flexible.

* Drivers/Warehouse operatives: These are probably just as important as they are the links to the other stores, they are responsible for delivering the donated goods to the other stores and organising the donations, making sure they are in a good, sellable condition. They are basically just like the employees in the stores, they are the frontline people and their opinion sees whether the product is suitable for selling or not.

* Donators and Customers: The donators are the people who give the stores their goods that they will never want but by doing this they are basically the people who give stock to YMCA and without these donations both in forms of goods and cash, YMCA would not exist. The same goes with the customers as they are who decides to purchase some of these goods that YMCA has collected from the donators.

* The Charity itself: The purpose of what the donations go to is what shapes the