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Matthew Dudley
Phil Pugh
REL 110 World Religions
29 October 2013

Basic Religions
In basic religions there are common beliefs that appear frequently. These common beliefs can be based on that cultures understanding of the world. From belief in supernatural beings, or beings that have power over life and the elements. To sacred objects that too the religion holds significance and that causes them to worship these items. Also rituals or acts focused on sacred objects. As well as a moral code with supernatural beings or law telling humans how to live.
Almost all culture has a common belief in god or the afterlife. This belief forms into religion. Belief in the supernatural, especially gods, is one of the most obvious characteristics of religion. Most basic religions believe in a mana system. That there a greater force out there that early mankind could not understand, but they believed these forces live in all life. In These beliefs have also appeared in historical religions that we are aware of.
Every religion has sacred objects. The sacred objects are common and important in religions that should be considered the defining characteristic of religion. The creation of such a dividing line can help direct believers to focus on transcendental values and supernatural, and alert us to the hidden aspects of the world around us. Sacred object remind us that there is more to life than what we see.
Every religion has its rituals. Of course the existence of the sacred object usually is sufficient. If a religion emphasizes the sacred object, then it will also emphasize ritual acts involving the sacred object. These rituals serve to unite members of the current religious community not