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MAT 117 /MAT117 Course
Algebra 1B

MAT 117 /MAT117 Week 1 Discussion Question
Version 8
Week 1 DQ 1
1. What four steps should be used in evaluating expressions?
2. Can these steps be skipped or rearranged? Explain your answers.
3. Provide an expression for your classmates to evaluate.

In Algebraic expression letters are used to stand for numbers when substituting a specific value for each variable the perform the operations this is called evaluating the expression. The determination of the value of variables depend on the semantics attached to the symbols of the expression. These semantic rules declare that certain expressions do not designate any value; these expressions are said to have an undefined value. The evaluation of an expression is dependent on the definition of the mathematical operators and on the system of values that is its context. Two expressions are said to be equivalent if, for each combination of values for the free variables, they have the same output, i.e., they represent the same function. To evaluate expressions the steps must be followed in order beginning with evaluating the exponents then perform negation ,do multiplication and division left to right finally addition an subtraction from left to right. If these steps are done in the wrong order it will change the result and your answer will be wrong.
3x^2-12x+4 for x= -2


According to chapter 5 of the text, "When evaluating expressions, evaluate exponents before performing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or negation. In general, operations within parentheses should be evaluated before using the order of operations.
1. Evaluate exponents.
2. Perform negation.
3. Do multiplication and division from left to right.
4. Do addition and subtraction from left to right." (Rockswold and Krieger, 2013 pg. 350)

These steps can be skipped if the problem doesn't contain what the step calls for. For example if the problem doesn't have parenthesis but has exponents, evaluating the exponents would be the first step. If you rearranged these steps it could lead to the wrong results, therefore giving you the wrong answer. By remembering the order of operations, it will allow the expression to be evaluated correctly.

My expression for the class is (-5 x 2 + 6 x - 7) while x = 5.


There are four steps that are to be used when you are evaluating expressions. Those four steps are to be used in the right order and it is important to remember that you should do what is in parentheses first. The first step that you use is to evaluate exponents before you do anything else. The second step is to perform negation. The third step that you use is to do all the multiplication and division from left to right. The last step is to do the addition and subtraction from left to right. When you are using these steps you can't skip the steps unless you do not need the steps at all. For no reason at all should the steps be rearranged and the reason for this is because anytime you do that you will come up with the wrong answer to the expression.

(6 + 3x) - (2 + 2x) x =4

The four steps that are used in evaluating an expression are;
1. Evaluate all of the exponents. An exponent is an expression of one value to the power of another value.
2. Perform negation. Negation can be reducing, changing positive numbers to negative, or evaluating an expression.
3. Perform multiplication and division starting from left to right. Simply complete the multiplication and division making sure to complete them in order, in parenthesis, in brackets, and left to right.
4. Perform addition and subtraction beginning from left to right. Simply complete the addition and subtraction making sure to complete them in order, in parenthesis, in brackets, and left to right.

These steps must be performed in order to achieve a correct solution to the expression, equation, or inequality. A step may only