Material Research Proposal

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Research Proposal
Author: Julia B. Martinez
Research Title: The Purpose of Reading Materials for Research
Research Questions:
1. Why are reading materials important for research?
2. How will one know if the reading materials used are proven?
3. How do reading materials help the students for their research?
4. How do reading materials effectively work for research?
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using reading materials for research?
Significance of the Study: The controlling purpose of this paper is to show that using reading materials should be recommended and it is a proven source that will help the students with activities such as research paper so as to further intensify the program. Specially, this serves
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Fernandez (1997) explains that don’t believe everything that’s printed just because it’s printed. Fernandez posits that the easiest way to find out if the source is proven is understanding the level of knowledge that someone might have. In addition to that, even reason sometimes is simply an efficient way of going wrong. It was concluded that wrong concepts don’t automatically become right just because they’ve gone through the procedure of printing. Jessica Santos (2004) states that reading whether done for education or for entertainment, is always a rewarding experience. Santos also states that it leaves a person with a lasting impression that changes its outlook in life and makes a different person. In addition to that, most people would agree that books nurture and strengthen the imagination, intellect, and spirit of the young. It was concluded that this reality has affected the quality of education and literacy among the …show more content…
Cruz (2008) the author states that the people agreed that it was impossible to promote reading among students who do not have materials in their hands. Cruz goes on to say that the experience of reading has not been altogether pleasant for that students. Therefore, the author believes that all too often the students receive encyclopedia sets in excellent condition but out-of-date information. It was concluded that the benefits of reading materials is that you get to learn from the practice and knowledge of the individuals as entertainment and delight, reliant on the content.
These explications led the researcher to a truthful reality check that:
1. Students should do an advance reading in order to develop their knowledge and develop their logical and personal self.
2. Having materials that are not proven is hard since you cannot have the right information to support you study.
3. Individuals should learn to appreciate the materials in their hands since it makes them a different person.
4. The lives of usual student spend their time reading in order to improve their reading comprehension skills.
5. Some individuals have hard time studying and reading because they rather use technology than reading books.
In light of the conclusion drawn, these are the following recommendations to be