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Dance is defined as: to move one's feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of step, especially to music.

Do you know that every time you dance, you are doing math?

Dancing is moving your body at the rythm of the music. Rythm involves patterns and patterns are

Dance and Math

How is dance related

Dance can be related to the timing of the beat, the number of steps involved in a dance move, the number of parttners involved, the number of instruments that it takes to play the music, the number of choreographers that it took to work out the dance move, etc..

Geometry of lines:
Dance requires you to make different shapes and angles with your body.
symmetry to form formations

For m Geometry
Dance movement can be all sorts of combinations of circles, points, angles and lines

So there are plenty of ways that we can physically experience (or watch) geometry. l the topics included in dance are:

Shape s:Dancers are constantly making shapes with their entire bodies. They form simple shapes with their arms and legs such as circles, triangles and lines as well as more complex shapes. Dancers also make different shapes with their formations.

Everything in dance has to do with patterns.
Dancers memorize patterns in the steps in their dances. Music usually has a pattern of verse-chorus-verse-chorus that dictate a dancers movement. They also follow a pattern in the music, counting 1-8 over and over.


Dancers often have to think about staying parallel to other dancers to preserve formations. They need to keep the same distance between themselves and the other dancers no matter how they move.

This could be as simple as ronde de jambe, or as fluid as all the circles necessary to keep movement smooth.

Angle s: Dancers need to focus on the angles they

make with their bodies to form the correct shapes. These dancers are making right angles with their bodies. You can find the degrees of the angles of their bodies.

This dancer is making a 180° angle with her leg. The slope of her line is undefined.

The term is called Penche.

This dancer is making a 90° angle with her leg. This term is called

The slope of his line is 0. His