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Math Career Paper: Math To The Future
My name is Emily Fields and I am starting a fundraiser/mission called “Math to the Future”. We have three mission statements. The first one is that in schools we have fundraisers, gathering money to start schools in Africa, or places where education is limited. We send volunteers to go to the places ad build new schools and find teachers to teach at them. Our second mission statement is that once we do find people that will teach at these schools, we need to educate them on the basics to teach the kids. We send math and reading teachers to English speaking areas and teach for a few months while they teach the new teachers how to teach the children. Our last statement is that we will try to send donated school supplies, such as pencils, chalkboards, paper, etc. This idea came from an idea I had when visiting a small village in Africa on a different mission trip. It was an English speaking community. Once there for a few days I noticed that the citizens could not talk or read well. Also when I was in a small shop I saw that the cashier could not add up my things without help, and all I bought was a $2 bracelet and a $3 pot, I felt so bad for them. I thought about it for a while before talking to some officials at my church and other places so see if we could kick start this project and start getting people and supplies across the ocean. We also contributed in some places in the US that only had a few schools in that area. We have built