Essay on Math: Future and Environmental Impact

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In my opinion, the EPA should not be lenient about the helicopters' environmental impact. Because when we are lower the standards, there are many bad things will happen in army, such as happening accidents or quality of training is not good. As Tate says in the article, the high-altitude flights are not only required by the Army, but also represent "very important lifesaving training." But I hope that some of EPA actions will not hurt a taxpayer cost going up.
The numbers is some of researching results from scientists. They can be right or wrong, but all scientists always want them right. But to base those decisions on highly misleading, biased, and even manufactured numbers is not just wrong, but dangerous; or if there are deliberately skewed statistics that will effects serious in our life. For example, even more blatant is the numbers game being used to justify health-insurance reform legislation, which claims to greatly expand coverage, decrease health-insurance costs, and reduce the deficit. But in reality, large majorities believe the health-care legislation will raise their insurance costs and increase the budget deficit. In my opinion, some of scientist’s results just have minimum standards of accuracy, such as GDP, inflation, budget, job or cost estimates, and certainly temperature. They maybe can be close, but not exactly.
The people who cannot tell me if it will rain tomorrow tell what the climate will be like in 50 years. The climate will keep changing in the…