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Ashley M. Pabon
400 Homestead Road
Wilmington, DE 19805

Contact information: Cell: (302) 494-9909 Parent (Mother) cell: (302) 559-0293
Parent (Stepfather) cell: (302) 543-2463
Leadership Experiences: * Caption of the volleyball team (2011-13) * Caption of the basketball team (2012-13)
Goes to Delaware School for the Deaf at 630 East Chestnut Hill Road,
Newark, DE 19713 (2000- 2013)

Currently mainstreaming for all academic classes at Christiana High School, 190 Salem Church Road Newark, DE 19713

Activities: * Plays Volleyball team (2010-2013) * Academic Bowl (2011-2013) * Plays basketball (2010-2013)
* Interested in starting a JR. NAD club at Delaware School for the Deaf. * 2 demonical arts * Becoming a better leading * Travelling
Wants to get a job related to arts, ether in graphic arts or 2D arts. Might go to Gallaudet University to take arts.

1. I believe that a strong community should have the following Characteristics: Participation, cooperation, variety and commitment. Participation is a big thing in a community that is strong. People who participate in a community, are people who are willing to help each other and that shows dedication in building a strong community. If everyone was just doing their own thing and not communicating with one another and not actually participating with one another, how are they going to go in a direction that they think is best. Cooperation and being able to work with others is a big deal, how are a group of people in this case a community, that wants to be strong and stay strong if they are not able to cooperate with others around them. A group of persons have to work together in order to solve problems that shows up in a community and to solve this problems that shows up, you have variety. Variety in people, meaning different types of people, and different types of skills. If everyone was the same for example, had the same job, the same human capitol, and the same hands on skills, they wont be able to proceed in a community. A community needs different skills, different time invested in human capitol in order to make it work and succeed. Variety gives out more ideas to be looked at, different strengths to be used and it makes it stronger. Now the characteristic that pulls all the other characteristics together is commitment. Commitment is extremely important in a community that wants to get everything done, because to become strong you need to fail a couple times and experience different things in order to evaluate and make changes. Put them all together and you have a perfect sandwich.