Notes On Mathematics

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1.Circle-(x-a)2+(y-b)2=c/vertex (a,b), radius of square root c 2.Hyperbola-(x2-a)/c2 – (y2-b)/d2 = 1 / x2=left-right y2=up-down 3.Parabolas- x=-b/2a find vertex-make chart 4.Ellipse- (x2-a)/c2 + (y2-b)/d2 find vertex-move x or y direction 5.Absolute value (v)-set value within absolute value sign to 0 to find x of vertex / y=lx-hl+k vertex- (h,k) 6.Circle 7.Parabola using 0’s y=a(x-b)(x-d)/0=b,d/plug in center x value to find vertex 8.Rational Functions- a/(x-h) +k/Asy: x=h,y=k 9.RF y=a/c 10.Inequality- >=or,<=and/isolate absolute value/with line=closed circle 11.+12.Plug in value to determine shading 13.Log- y=logB(x-h)+k/ vertical asy x=h/ex: y=log4(x+4)+2/y-2=log4(x+4)/4^y-2=x+4/x=4^(y-2)-4/make chart 14.Square root- y=+k/vertex(h,k) 15.Horizontal asy, make chart 16. Isolate variable 17. Ex: Log3(50)=log50/log3 18.Put parenthesis around 2 terms 19.-20.make denominators the same then solve like a regular equation 21.coefficients turn to powers, only use log once 22.set absolute value = to – and + values 23. A+bi, i2=-1, i3=-I 24.-25. Solve 1st parenthesis 26. Cancel variable (- and +)27.multiply opposite side by the reversed power (3/2 = 2/3) 28. Isolate sq. root, sq. both sides, Set equation equal to (-) and (+) 29. See 19 30. Common denominators 31. Y=(x-h)2 + k, vertex= (h,k) 33.use parenthesis to cross cancel 34. Reverse the x and y 35. Degree odd leading coefficient positive- left behav: f(x) -> (-)inf x -> (-)inf right behav: f(x) -> (+)inf x -> (+)inf / degree odd leading co. (-) – LB f(x) -> (+)inf x-> (-)inf RB f(x) -> (-)inf x-> (+)inf / degree even leading co. (+) - LB f(x) -> (+)inf x-> (-)inf RB f(x) -> (+)inf x-> (+)inf / degree even