Math1280 Unit 3 Assignment

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Quizzes and graded assignments in MATH1280 are NOT group projects. Please answer the questions and do not share the questions or answers with others or accept advance access to questions or answers from others.
Estimating the Expectation
A measurement follows the normal distribution with a standard deviation of 15 and an unknown expectation μ. You can consider that measurement to be the "original" distribution. Two statisticians propose two distinct ways to estimate the unknown quantity μ with the aid of a sample of size 36. They will do that by evaluating two different SAMPLING DISTRIBUTIONS to determine which method is better. There are two statisticians involved in this task: statistician "A" and statistician "B." Statistician A proposes to use the sampling distribution of the sample average as an estimate. Statistician B proposes to use the
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Assume that the distribution of the number of phone calls per second follows the Poisson distribution. Tasks 10-12 refer to this information.
Submitting the Assignment
For the assignment you should complete 12 tasks. Tasks 1-9 refer to the information associated with the estimating the expectation and Tasks 10-12 refer to the application of the Normal approximation of the sampling distribution of a sum.

This assignment has the format of a quiz and it is computer graded. The tasks are described in the Form titled "Assignment Unit 8". The answer to each task involves the selection of the right choice (in a multiple choice question) or the entering of a numerical value at the designated location.

Notice: Unlike the Quizzes, you will not be given a chance to correct a wrong answer after submitting the assignment. Hence, we recommend that you check your answers carefully before submitting the assignment.
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