Essay on Mathematics and Archimedes

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A man named Archimedes was bathing in his bathtub when he discovered the principle of buoyancy. He was so excited he had finally discovered it that he ran through the streets shouting, “Eureka!” Archimedes is one of the three greatest mathematicians of all time, next to Isaac Newton and Carl Gauss. He was born in 287 BC and died in 212 BC, living about 75 years. During his lifetime, Archimedes made many contributions toward modern mathematics. All of his mathematical discoveries were so important that we still talk about him today. Archimedes is believed to have been born in Syracuse, Sicily. He was the son of an astronomer named Phidias. Archimedes’ education came from a place called Alexandria, Egypt. During his time, it was known as the intellectual center of the world. Archimedes studied at a school there that was founded by a Greek Mathematician named Euclid. Archimedes studied with the followers of Euclid because he was dead before Archimedes studied in Alexandria. Archimedes used most of Euclid’s notebooks to improve his ideas. Archimedes took Euclid’s ideas further than any other person before his time. After many years in Alexandria, Archimedes went back to his hometown where he devoted his life to the world of math. After returning from Egypt, Archimedes made many new mathematical discoveries. His discoveries included area under a curve and the volume of a sphere. Archimedes discovered these by using integral calculus. Archimedes is believed to have invented…