My Bachelor Degree In Computer Engineering At Claflin University

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Almost everyone has a “dream” job or a career they want to pursue, but when individuals think about a future in that career; they don’t often ponder consider on the requirements or the background necessary to reach their goal. Growing up my mother would often remind me that I’m a very mechanical individual and good at fixing and assembling things. After, Graduating high school, I was determined to pick a major that would interest me and I could strive in and be successful. The decision was made that I would obtain my Bachelor Degree in computer engineering at Claflin University and with the goal of earning hopefully earning a position in an IT Department of a major corporation. Many people say “you want a job that you want to wake up in the mornings and enjoy doing”. Helping individuals fix their problems and satisfying their technological difficulties is very important to me. To be able to fix something and be able to put it back together amazes me. Assembling an object has always been something that came natural to me without using a manual or instructions and it still properly operating with excellent results. Although Claflin doesn’t offer a program dealing with computer hardware, learning and developing having the background (skills) and tools that are an integral part of the components of make up the Computer Engineering major will assist me in training and/or being able to “stand out” yet having a more in depth knowledge about computers as a whole. < (This