Matrix: Al-qaeda and Social Media Essay

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Allegory of the Cave
From the start of time people have tried to control the way society thinks. For an example if someone from a higher ranking says you can’t jump and stay in the air for more than one second, then the rest of society tends to believe them. What happens when somebody jumps and stays in the air for more than one second? Does society still believe you can’t because that’s how they think? As a society we are blinded by people making us believe what the real world, making us think that what we are told is reality. Imagine if the life we are living right now is all fake and we are just prisoners in a cave believing what is put in front of us instead of finding out what reality is. Social media and Hollywood play a big part in the lie we are living. Hollywood and social media trick us into thinking that what they are doing is real. We see the movies that are being produced and think that is true but really it is nowhere near what reality is. They make life seem so easy and that there aren’t any struggles or setbacks but in reality life is full of setbacks and struggles. We are also blinded by the government, an example would be the war in Afghanistan. Did we really kill bin laden in the raid of the compound or was he dead years before that even happened, like people say. Did they government know he was in that compound all a long and were just covering it up? The military was treating us like the prisoners in a cave and casting shadows on us to make us