Matrix: Meaning of Life and Human Service Worker Essay

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Human Services

Nellie Ortiz

BSHS 461

February 6, 2013

Miya Hoshijo

Human Services Maintaining individual excellence as a human service worker using your own method, as a human service worker I find it difficult to maintain excellence customer service (HHSC, 2012). I define it as customer service because I am serving clients. In the following paper I will define and discuss improvement that affect the excellence as a human service worker, personal way of defining and using different types of methods to better help me to assist and help others in need. Areas in need of improvement that could affect your excellence as a human service worker follows: • Interview Skills • Communication • Critical thinking • Collaboration or negotiation • Termination of services • Cultural diversity • Quality of care

|Driving Forces |Restraining Forces |
|1. Values |1. What means to me it is not the same as the clients |
|2. Attitude of People |2. The respond or feedback of the client can make it difficult to help|
| |them |
|3. Institutional Policies |3. Changes to policy that the worker has to follow, in a short notice |
|4. Relationship |4. Knowing the person you are helping can cause personal conflict |
|5. Compassion |5. Not caring for the client. |

Self-assessment of skills for growth in each of the five disciplines Personal Mastery in a personal meaning is setting a high goal for you and being able to meet. To set a high expectation, discipline of yourself, and conduct and conquering it. A Mental Models in my personal opinion is an idea, image or belief that unconsciously or consciously forms in experience. That is followed by guides or actions. These demonstrations of alleged truth explain cause and effect to us, and top us to believe certain results, give significance to procedures (Smith,2001), and affect