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Matt Wiseman
English 101 12:30
Belief Essay

Difference of Family Beliefs

My grandparents have been married for 52 years, they have a wonderful marriage. They stand by each other through everything. They are truly each other’s best friend. We are a rather large family. They had four girls, and there are ten grandchildren, nine boys, and two girls. I am very close to my grandparents, they have taught me many things like rules of respect, how to properly eat at a dinner table, and even how to clean up after myself. I’m a lot like them in many ways, a little old fashioned I guess.
We totally disagree on what a woman’s “job” is. I personally think that women are capable of hold down a typical job, and take care of their family, and I also think that men can help around the house. Yes, I understand that women are better with taking care of the children, especially the newborn babies; but it doesn’t hurt for the men to step in a little and get up with the kids some, or sweep the kitchen, or do a little grocery shopping. I think things should kind of even out, the work should be split. Neither the men nor women should have specific jobs. In most families today both parents hold down full time jobs. I do agree that the men should do the harsher work. I guess they don’t understand that the entire economy has changed, and money doesn’t go as far. So unless the man is working seven days a week long hours of the day, then finically the family would barely get by. My grandparents are a little older fashioned. My grandpa explained to me every man reaches greater heights when he has the right woman by his side. Sure, you can do a lot on your own, but a good support system takes you that much further. And that support comes first and foremost from your wife. Your wife is someone who loves you, supports you, cooks, cleans, loves to have children, and is willing to put up with your character flaws. She is intelligent, warm-hearted, and completely unselfish. She should empower you and make you stronger. Looks are a bonus. She should raise the kids because she will be better at it than any man. A man is only stronger with a woman that makes him stronger. When you find a woman you can build a solid foundation around, marry her, create a family, and grow old with her.
The housewife is responsible for all household and childcare duties. Additionally, the housewife is responsible for ensuring that harmony exists between all individuals living in the home. Love, care, and kindness are all attributes that must be exhibited. House hold duties include: sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, doing dishes, laundry etc. Child care includes: feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, and emotional care etc.
The husband is the “head” of the house hold. He sets good morals for the family, takes his family to