Matthew Johnson Essay

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Matthew Johnson
Mrs. Clendenen
Exp Read/Write
21, September 2014
Who Am I?
Who Am I? In my eyes and the people around me they see a young man who can do just about anything. My personal quality, talent, accomplishment, and contribution are that I’m a person who won’t give up or give in to anything that I don’t want to. My personal qualities are, I’m an honest, kind, loving, self-confident and ambitious. My talents are an impeccable gift from god I can accomplish anything if mind is in the right place. I can play any sports or game you can throw at me; if my mind is set, there is no stopping me. My talents can get me a scholarship but, my mind isn’t set in the right place. My accomplishments are adequate to me, I have achieved a lot more but because of my actions in the past I had to start a new life. In 7th grade I made a choice to do wrong by stealing hundred and ten dollars in 5 from this after school program they had for kids who had to wait for they parents. I suffered a lot for it, I didn’t go to that school for a year and learned a lot having to think before you act. However without that experience I will never have become the person I am today. My contribution have been contenting to me and my community, I have feed help the homeless, gave clothes to charity, help build driveways and homes, I help build a playground, I help my neighbor move. My experience in these things have helped me move on and become a better person. My downfalls help me move on, grow,…