Matthew Okon Dental Clinic Case Summary

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By April 2016, within the next six months Matthew Okoro needs to cut the drug inventory budget by 25%. This is in alignment with the Humble surgical hospital request that every department need to cut its budget by 25%. In order to achieve the goal, He selected the pharmacy employees who have quality experience in inventory procurement and clinical pharmacists who are experienced in brand-generic drug substitution to form a cost savings committee.
Their responsibility is to identify all the brand drugs in the pharmacy inventory stock that cost one hundred dollars and up. The total brand drug selection need to be at least 30% equivalent of the pharmacy total drug budget costs and replace them with the available cheaper generic drugs when
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Another request of Humble surgical that need implementation of smart goal is the request to improve turnaround time of medication deliveries from benchmark of 75% to 95% in the next three months being February 30, 2016 to comply with regulatory standard.
To achieve the goal, Matthew Okoro reviewed the department technology portfolio and discovered the current medication dispensing machine is too outdated and slow. He made a decision to purchase omnicell automated dispensing machine.
He assembled and assigned the automated operating machine to the pharmacists with information technology (IT) background to operating the dispensing machine. Those with moderate IT experience will be assigned the responsibilities of making sure the medications will be delivered within twenty minutes turn around time after dispensed, instead of the current one hour medication deliveries turnaround time.
Medication delivery log will be use to be documenting and monitoring delivery time, and any fall out. Every two weeks, the delivery log will reviewed to determine if the overall deliveries are meeting the established bench mark of 95% for the next 3