Matthew Perry Narritive Essay

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Matthew Perry
Prof. Merrifield
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From Foes to Friends

There was once a lonely child that lived alone at his house in the middle of the wilderness of Tennessee. His name was Jonathan Stuart, he was 15 years old, and he had no friends. He spent his days alone in his room wishing for something to happen to bring excitement of any kind to his life. His parents showed him no mind, and he relied on books to occupy him constantly. But one day, fate proved to have other plans in store for Jonathan. It was early on a Wednesday morning when Jonathan went outside to check the mail, when he heard a noise he had never heard before. It sounded similar to a cat, but it was distorted in a way that he couldn’t be sure. He stepped off of his porch to investigate, as he had nothing else better to do. As he got closer to the source of the noise, it became louder and more frequent. He was curious, but nervous in a way at the same time. He finally looked under a sharp bush where he sourced the sounds to, and a large bobcat was under a branch unable to maneuver out. The first reaction of both Jonathan and the wild animal was an obvious surprise, as the cat, with a mix of shades of grey, as well as orange, spotted with blood, spontaneously switched it’s focus and hissed at the boy out of frustration and anxiety, and Jonathan, frightened by the surprise, jumped away from the bush and toppled onto the ground. He could tell that the cat was in excruciating pain though, simply from the noises and actions. He decided that the morality of the situation far outweighed the dangers, and took the risk of helping the animal. He sat back and sadly listened to the sounds of pain coming from the cat, while he furiously thought of a way to free the troubled feline. He decided that trying to comfort the animal would be the best thing to do, so as hard as it was, he left the cat for a few moments to find something the troubled animal would take interest in eating. He returned to the scene of the incident with sliced chicken, as well as canned tuna. He put it feet in front of the thorn bush, and again, slowly attempted to pull the thorns out of the way of it. This time, however, he was dedicated to get the task over with. Through loud screams of pain coming from the animal, he kept trying, and during the process, cut his hands open with the bush. Finally, after sounds of snapping, the bobcat was able to roll over and leap out of the shrub at lightning speed. Immediately after being freed, the animal pounced over onto the food, as the child slowly back away, watching the extremely distraught animal. After finishing the food brought out by the stranger, the oversized feline ran past Jonathan, who covered his head, expecting the worst, onto the front porch of the boys house, and positioned itself in a defensive place underneath a chair. Jonathan sat on the other side of the porch and locked eyes with the animal for an extended period of time. Afterwards, the cat started to seemingly prowl towards the increasingly terrified young man, until ending up jumping onto his lap and smelling all of his body, before lying down across Jonathan’s legs. Finally the cat went to sleep, exhausted by the extreme struggle it had survived, conscious of the assistance it received from the human acquaintance. It was at that moment, that Jonathan changed his idea of exactly what he wanted out of the situation he had put himself in. As he slowly slid his hand over the side of the sleeping large cat, he wanted the unfeasible task of taming and