Why Do Some People Learn Faster Than Others?

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What is intelligence? Why do some people learn faster than others? Intelligence is a very broad subject even though it seems it can be easily defined. Everyday, students go to school and learn the information by the same teaching and study techniques taught to them. But what makes someone learn quicker than someone else? Today there are still as many explanations of intelligence as there are people trying to study and understand it. Intelligence is the ability to process information found in one’s surroundings and putting it to use to make logical decisions and the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. There are many different types of intelligences, and there are numerous ways these intelligences can be interpreted within each category. I’ve always been the type of student that has to study a lot to learn my information. However for my friends, they don’t have too in order to perform well in class. Does this make them smarter than me? Or do they just have a faster way of learning than me? Growing up, I was never a fast learner and if I didn’t put enough time into studying I wouldn’t perform well in my class. Some of my friends and even my brother would never have to study nearly as much as me and would perform better than me in the classroom. I’ve tried many different techniques of studying to absorb information faster such as flash cards, reading chapters, writing out keys points, and none of them made me absorb the information quicker. What is the reasoning behind this? Are they really just smarter than me? I failed to believe that they were born smarter than me and began to realize that being interested in what I was learning helped improve my overall performance in my class. Being interested in a subject is a key to learning information quickly. If you are not interested in what you are reading or studying, your brain won’t retain the information you are trying to feed it. No matter what it is you are focusing on, we tell our brains what parts of information to retain by paying much closer attention to those types of information. Simply having a true interest in the subject and an eagerness to learn about it will also cause you to pay attention when the information is presented to you. However just becoming more interested into what it is you are learning won’t always help you in some circumstances because you have to memorize the information. Some people are just naturally blessed with being able to memorise information, while others struggle to memorise the same information. I always wondered why I have never had as