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Location Aware Computing
• Location Aware Computing: System allows us to find the specific geographic location of a device or user.
• Examples of Location Aware Computing include;

Global Positioning Systems
Checking in on social media sites
Tracking the logistics of devices/ products
Smart phones
Mobile devices- iPad, tablets, laptops.

Context Aware Computing
• Context Aware Computing; the idea of using videos or cameras to gain information based on previous behaviors.
• Examples of Context Aware Computing include;
• Cars being able to adjust to your personal preference without pushing a button. • Cell phones can tell you whether or not the person you are trying to contact are able to communicate with you at that time.

How does Location Aware
Computing Work?
• The overall concept on how this system works is by satellites and signals from the device and another source of a signal.
• The main methods of Location Aware Computing are done by;

Mobile-Phone Triangulation
Wi-Fi Triangulation
Radio Frequency Identification

Mobile-Phone Triangulation

• This method estimates the distance between multiple cell towers and by the strength of the signal of your device. The signal bounces off between the signals until the exact location of the user or device can be found.

Wi-Fi Triangulation

• This method uses the same concept of the mobile-phone triangulation but instead of cell towers, the system uses Wi-Fi access points. This is used to bounce off the signal from the router and the device we are tracking to find a direct geographic location.

Global Positioning System

• GPS Determines the location of the device and/or user by satellites.
The signal bounces off the satellite and goes to the GPS device to give the specific location.

Radio Frequency Identification

• RFID uses the signals that come off of one or more radio signals to find the location of your device.

More Examples of Location Aware
• Facebook Check-in
• Location Tagging on photos
• Find iPhone Application
• Traffic Notifications
• Nearby Attractions
• Finding Friends

How does Context