Mature: Want and Mature Human Beings Essay

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Valerie Poole
Professor Ketterling
English 099
17 November 2014
What does it mean to be “Mature”? When I was younger, approximately around middle school, I was always told by my father that I was very mature for my age. At the time, I did not truly know what the word “mature” meant. The only thing I knew was that, it was a decent compliment and it gave me desserts at the end of the day. The more I grew, learned, and progressed through life, I started to realize that the word “mature” meant a lot more to society than I thought. To be considered “mature”, someone must be honest, clever and responsible. Firstly, when someone is mature, they humbly have honest characteristics. Throughout the years, I have grasped that many people lack this one characteristic of simple honesty. Honest people usually will not lie about the small stuff. I have always been the type of person to tell the truth, and take the blame for anything that I have done. Also, I believe that honest people say how they feel when the time is right. They would not do anything to hurt someone’s feelings, but their honest enough to help solve conflicts. Next, mature people know how to be clever in critical circumstances. When I say “clever”, I am not saying the ability to do algebra, calculus, and statistics; I am saying it is the natural capability to make a decision at the right time. My parents have always told me to think about my future before I do everything, and to always have pride in everything I do. Mature human beings need to know how to deal with, and abolish unintended stress. Also, they should know how to cooperate; as well as, when communicating, they should know what to say and how to say it. Last, for someone to be responsible they must be responsible in everyday situations that occur in his or her life. A mature person should be responsible for his or her responsibilities.…