The Life Of Transfecting

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“Come to my office.” Those four word were going to change everything. The life as we know it was about to become the most confusing and complicated life you could probably imagine. The end of this was either going to be a miracle or a tragedy.
Starting at the beginning; about ten months ago at age 18 I met and became inseparable with the person I believe I want to spend the rest of my life with. His name is James William Sarrero but goes by Jae. About four months later in March of 2014 I started getting pains in my abdomen and feeling nauseous randomly throughout the day. So when I missed my period we went and got a pregnancy test and it told me I was over three weeks pregnant. We talked it over and we decided that our only option was to keep the baby. With us both only being 18 we knew our parents would be extremely angry with us.
My mom was leaving to Kabul, Afghanistan March 30, 2014 which was only about two weeks after I did the pregnancy test. The Thursday before she was leaving I had a doctor’s appointment to make sure I was actually pregnant. Jae took me to the appointment and the doctor told me not only was I pregnant but I was actually already six weeks pregnant. Shocked, we knew we really had to tell my parents see as his mom already knew because she overheard us a few days after I took the test.
We planned to tell my parents together but the Tuesday morning, three days before my mom was leaving, I was in the bathroom with an upset stomach when my mom came to the door and asked me if I was okay. I told her yes I just had an upset stomach and she always had this thing about asking me if I was pregnant just because that’s something she has always done, but this time I told her yes. Of course she got upset with me. She kept yelling at the door that I was ruining my life and how could I do this to her two day before she was leaving. I kept myself locked in the bathroom until she left the house. She later calmed down and so did my dad and they told me they would only let me live in the house but it was my responsibility to care for the baby. They didn’t believe that Jae would stick around and help me since we were so young.
My mom was also upset because she was going to miss my whole pregnancy, especially me getting all fat. You see my mom was going to be in Afghanistan until November and I am due November 24th she so will be coming home November 19th just to be able to be here for the baby being born then she is going back for another nine months. We sent picture to my mom throughout my pregnancy and talked on a daily basis.
At the time what Jae and I found out that I was pregnant he was a heavy smoker of both legal and illegal things. He knew I didn’t like it at all but giving up cigarettes was going to be hard on him. He didn’t think he would be able to do it. On my birthday April 3rd he took me to this elementary school and got me up on the roof with a blanket and we sat there looking at the lights while he smoked a cigarette. About two drags in to the cigarette he told me that, that was going to be his last cigarette he ever smokes. He told me he was doing it for both the baby and I. And that really was the last time he has smoked anything.
Jae has also gotten a good paying job at west and has his own