Maturity In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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Maturity is the ability to control one’s temper rationally while to deal with difficulties courageously in life. At each stage of our lives, we may face and rise up to various kinds of challenges, which allow us to grow and mature. This can be demonstrated by both Life of Pi written by Yann Martel and my personal experience in tackling conflicts that occur between me and others. Pi, the protagonist in Life of Pi, goes through experiences that enable him to achieve maturity by learning to survive on the Pacific Ocean with his sole companion, a tiger named Richard Parker. In the beginning of their journey, Pi views the tiger as a threat or rival. His impulsive character and awareness of protecting himself result in many fights between them. …show more content…
During the childhood, I was spoiled as a willful and naïve girl. When facing disagreements in opinion with others, I would display my anger and dissatisfaction immediately by expressing impertinent words or leaving others behind. It is until my parents advised me to be welcoming towards others’ different perspectives and be generous even though someone treat me in a disrespectful manner that I decided to modify my personality. For instance, last year in February, my cousin Ariel, a quite willful teenager who seldom smile, began to live in my apartment temporarily. Since I was responsible for taking care of her, I dedicated my greatest effort to cook dinners. However, Ariel kept on complaining about the brand of sauce that I had used, because it was different from the ones she expected. Besides, she revealed indifference and unfriendliness when I brought my classmates home for group projects. What is more, she often spoke in a sarcastic tone when her parents treated me with kindness and compliments. Although I truly desired to express my dissatisfaction with her, my incentive for growth in maturity forbade me to start the argument. Consequently, I learned to be indifferent towards Ariel as well as her disagreeable flaws, whereas not to violate her. Maturity is a stage that everyone has gone through. In Life of Pi, Pi has acquired