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Sitting on Top of the World The photograph is from a real estate advertisement for a beautiful house up in Keokea, Maui. Keokea is recognized as being one of the most picturesque and desirable areas in which to live on the island of Maui. Personally, I love this picture and the house is definitely one of my dream homes. The sunset featured in this picture adds a whole new element to what is an already breathtaking view covering nearly the entire island of Maui. This picture was taken from the left side of the infinity pool and is facing towards the middle of the island which is west; however, it captures the entire pool, the majestic yard and the West Maui Mountains. With the location, and real estate values in the area, the price of this house is clearly aimed towards an older and more wealthy demographic, such as retired couples and people who a big amount of disposable income! The ad could also be aimed towards others who, like myself, want to live in a house like this, or at least use it as a vacation property. Of course, the picture is taken at sunset and with blue sky in the background. This particular time of day provides for a view that truly looks amazing. If this picture had been taken in poor weather conditions, or at any other time of the day, the advertisement would have been much less effective and likely not attract nearly as much interest in the property. After analyzing the photograph for this house for sale in Keokea, I believe the advertisement utilizes location, time of day and the weather to attract those who will likely have the income and interest in buying an expensive house. The location of the house sets the stage and tone for the photograph. According to Kyle Ellison, a freelance writer based between Hawai’i and Lake Tahoe, Keokea is a “Rural farming hamlet first constructed by Chinese immigrants.(Roadside America)” The house is perched on a hill overlooking much of the island and is around 3,000ft in elevation. The house is set so that the view is amazing and seems to flow seamlessly around the patio and pool. This would be a great place to listen to music and see what Maui looks like from 3,000 feet on the mountainside and 30 years or so set back in time(Ellison). This picture truly utilizes the view and entices potential buyers to say “Wow look at this view. If I buy this house, I will be able to wake up to this every morning.” The view really makes this property amazing and the person who took the picture definitely picked the perfect time and day to get the best results. The sunset absolutely creates the beautiful and mellow vibe that the photographer is wanting to portray. Moreover, no one would not want to be sitting on the patio, or inside the pool at this point in time. Sunset was the perfect time to take the picture, even more so because the photo really seems to imply that time is standing still. Being relaxed is important in life to many people. According to Karlene Sugarman who is a sport psychology professor and John F Kennedy University, “You can use relaxation skills to get your mind clear and your body relaxed, to regain focus and to cool down to help you return to a balanced physical state.” This house definitely wants to make the buyer feel relaxed and “at home”. When relaxed, it helps you sleep better, energize by giving oxygen to muscles, and improves body awareness. (Sugarman) An important part of this picture that the photographer absolutely took advantage of is the infinity pool. Furthermore, to be able to have the feeling of swimming into the sunset is definitely a trick that the cameraperson used to get the perfect picture. The weather is truly an enormous element in the picture.
Furthermore, the photo was taken on a mostly clear day with