Maura-Personal Narrative

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The rock passage seemed to stretch endlessly in the darkness, but we were all so accustomed to seeing in inky blackness that it didn't hinder us in the slightest. Looking up, I could just barely see the stars on this cloudy night. I don't appreciate black, starless nights. In my experience, those are nights when monsters strike. It was the noise of my faithful hound Kalohi that eased me, albeit slightly. Out of us, she and Maura were the least hindered of all. Kalohi was born for the world of shadows, and had the ability to dissolve into them instantly. Maura, from her power she had obtained from arrangements with infernal forces, could see in the dark as though it was day. Feng walked beside me, his pale skin almost being a source of light …show more content…
“You seem to be in anticipation of something.” He looked down upon me, for I am of short stature. My obsidian eyes met his golden ones, and I felt as though I was falling. Why does he fluster me so?! “It shouldn't be anything of concern, Thea. I simply do not appreciate the idea of departing our forest.” He replied coolly. I nearly halted in our progression. “We had to leave, Feng. We were being hunted. They kept coming back. We couldn't destroy them.” I murmured, though I did agree. These words were to convince myself that we made the best decision as well as Feng, and I believe he could tell as much. He nodded. “I know that. I just wish we could have fought them.” He replied. I didn't reply, for what was there to say to that? Up ahead, Maura halted, raising her hand in the signal to be on alert. Instinctively, I grabbed the hilt of my dagger. Feng brought out his axes, and Kalohi growled in apprehension, her tentacles lowering along her back. A silhouette blocked our path, poised to attack. Without thinking much about it, I drew out my crossbow and shot at the figure's chest. I did not like the idea of that longsword crashing down upon myself and my comrades. At the same time, Feng swung one of his axes, chopping the figure's head off in a single