Maus Is A Bad Piece Of Literature Work By Art Spiegelman

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Matthew Salzman Ms. Saulle English II (H) 22 May 2013
Spiegelman’s genius There is not one bad piece of literature work by Art Spiegelman. Almost everything he wrote is considerd a classic. MAUS: a survivors tale is all about the holacosut. It is a extremely complex original and personal story. I. Graphic novels attract new readers
A. Arts speiegelsmands graphic novel style of writing not only attracted readers, but helped with the understanding of MAUS 1. it attracted students to the librarys to learn about history
B. In “little orpans annies eyeballs” spiegelman wrote that cartoons personalize sterotypes. 1. All langunges have stereotypes in them. like big noses 2. if we didn’t use stereotypical words so often, they would lose there power.
C. Graphic novels have a positive influence on the public 1. they help to understand history
D. In Arts “A problem with taxony letter” he expressed his opinions oon how it should be classidied
1. 2. 3. it was placed in the nonfiction category speigelman wrote a letter complaining it has been placed in the hard cover non fiction book section
II. MAUS tells vladeks personal experience in the holacost
Salzman 1
A. Art said that MAUS was made in colaberation with Hitler. B. 1. Without hitlers idea of classifiying the jews as mouse, Art would have never gotten the idea. C. Vladed narirates very important stuff himself
1. Friends? Your friends? If you lock them together in a room with no food for a week... then you could see what