Maverick Lodging Case Analysis Essay

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Maverick Lodging Case Study Notes * 1/2000: VP of Asset Management (Cindy Baum) was reviewing the 1999 balanced scorecard results for Maverick Lodging; she had developed & implemented the balanced scorecard throughout 1998 * 1999: first full year of results using the balanced scorecard approach * Designing a balanced scorecard had been a considerable challenge because of the complicated nature of the hotel industry * Maverick Lodging: managed hotels on behalf of 3rd party owners who had franchise agreements with Marriott * Maverick concentrated on managing 3 specific types of Marriott properties: Fairfield Inns, Courtyards, & Resident Inns * Fairfield & Courtyards: offered typical …show more content…
objectives; in addition she wanted to make sure that the measures supported Maverick’s strategy & structure, could be understood & used by hotel managers, and could be controlled/reasonably influenced by hotel managers * Financial – top-line yield: * Objectives for this measure were for the hotel * to exceed brand average yield