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Project Planning Templates
BSBPMG522A Undertake project work

Table of Contents
1.1 – Initiation and scope
Project brief
Project purpose and rationale
The justification and validity of the project needs to be confirmed before the project proceeds. This document is used to clarify the project purpose and justification and to gain approval to proceed to the next phase.
Project title
Working title.
Project purpose
Describe the purpose/need/rationale/feasibility for the project.
Background and strategic context
Explain the background to the project and how it relates to the key strategic plans.
Note the importance and/or urgency of the project to the organisation.
Related projects
Any other projects that have
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Accountable for the success of the project. Has the authority to commit resources.

Project manager
Person responsible for running the project on a day-to-day basis within defined authorities for cost and schedule as agreed with the project sponsor/board.

Manager of the project manager
The operational/line manager who the project manager reports to on a day-to-day basis.

Project team members
Staff who will be working on the project.

Steering committee/ working party
To provide advice and recommendations.

Project Title:
Project Client:
Project Sponsor:
Project Manager:

File Name:
Page x of y
Project snapshot
The project snapshot summarises the purpose, deliverables, stakeholders, resources, risks, interdependencies and success criteria of the project.
Project snapshot
Name of project:
Project purpose:
What are the goals/objectives of this project? Why are we undertaking it? What is the problem/opportunity?

Deliverables with timeframes
What, when, etc.

Who is the sponsor, project manager, customers, and other key groups who can impact, or be impacted by, this project.

Cash flow, people, equipment, facilities, software, etc.

Resource limitations, deadlines, budget, technology, other constraints, etc.
With other projects, groups, system interfaces, etc.

Success criteria
How we