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Geography is a subject for the future, as our climate, environment and population continue to change focused around global events of natural and manmade disasters as well as human impacts as we are now facing the consequences of global warming, which is evolving the conditions we are living within.

This I experienced myself during the Gloucestershire Floods in 2007, when our local water supply was contaminated by floodwater and cut off. This event re-shaped my surroundings when immediately city flood defence planning and social economic factors became a focus of high priority to ensure continued sustainability of the local environment and surrounding communities. My interest in Geography was further enhanced from this as it gave me an insight into how damaging natural events can be, even in well-developed areas, in the 21st century.

Earlier this year I visited Iceland on a school trip, experiencing the wonders of nature and importance of Geography first hand. The landscape and scenery I witnessed was breath taking, ranging from double waterfalls to fumaroles. My experiences included swimming in a geo-thermally heated natural swimming pool, visiting a glacier, a geyser as well as a blue lagoon. Reflecting on my visit and drawing on comparisons, I gained an insight into how the Icelandic people live, in a country mostly inhabitable exhibiting an extreme divergence of weather conditions. I learnt about Iceland’s negative topography and the value of effective development and planning programs to enhance their nations sustainability for economic growth.

It is particularly a planning element to the geography-based course that interests me. As the population of the world is exponentially growing year on year, land value will continue to increase to meet the demands of new habitants. Impacting on the future of towns and cities as they expand in size due to a lack of space to build homes and services to accommodate and meet the needs of increasing populations.

I believe in the importance of quality planning decisions, to minimalise rejuvenation programmes with future informed planning decisions being key to enable towns and cities to expand and phosphor. This is something I would like to develop and achieve through enhanced knowledge, experience and study skills by undertaking a Geography and Planning degree. To establish the foundation for my future career while meeting the high quality standard that is required from the government, improving the quality of life for people in the process.

My personal qualities include upholding my school