Maximum Megaherzt Case Study Essay

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Magali Ekome Ndong
MGT 4330
Dr. Margaret Shipley
Tuesday November 6th 2012
Case#4 Maximum Megahertz Project
Maximum Megahertz Olaf Gundersen, CEO of Wireless Telecom Company, is facing a difficult situation. He accepted a project proposed by 6 of his cleverest R&D specialist, The Maximum Megahertz project. This project is now behind. In order to get out of this “quandary” and avoid such issues in the future, Olaf Gundersen and his team should ask themselves these questions. How can they learn from their mistake? How to identify a risky project and put an end to it? This particular case is related to chapter 14 of our textbook. This chapter deals with project closure or what to do when your project is done. Although here
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Furthermore, this article adds that “Given the importance of baseline schedules in the planning process, researchers and practitioners have focused on methodologies for finding schedules that are robust to random durations”. In this article, the authors propose a model or formula to use in case of disruption as follow “In this article, we introduce a problem faced by managers who are planning complex projects; that is, how should project managers react when faced with the threat of a possible DE that would stop all work on the project for a given period while overhead and indirect costs continue to accrue? While this problem is related to previous work on project risk, our model analyzes policies that minimize expected total costs under very general conditions”. Although we will not go in dept. into the model, but we are here assure that they ways to effectively deal with disruptions.
In conclusion, Olaf should step out of this project and refrain from engaging in any new ones before he consults a review committee that will help highlight the errors he has made in the past. Also, we suggest that looks closer at his planning strategy and review his team.

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