Maximus: A Short Story

Words: 997
Pages: 4

crumpled to the ground in pain. He shouted to Maximus, “Run!” Maximus hastily scrambled over the wall using the winged boots that Mercury had given him. He left the city in disbelief. Maximus flew as fast as he could back to Apollo. He still did not understand what happened, he wondered if it was just all a nightmare, and his mom would soon wake him up. When Maximus got back to Apollo he saw a look of disapproval. Maximus had a million questions for Apollo and bombarded him with them. Maximus asked, “What happened? Why didn’t the bow work? Where was Dracul? What was that rhino? Why did I not win?” Apollo responded, “Slow down, you have a lot to learn. Milo is dead, Rinocer is too strong for a novice at archery, Dracul left the city, and you …show more content…
He had one thing on his mind, to win. When he arrived he did not even wait for the gates to open or for someone to confront him, he just flew over. Catching the enemy off guard he had the element of surprise on his side. Rinocer was patrolling the bottom of the wall as he smelled Maximus. He soon got battle ready, thought he would have an easy victory just like the last time he met Maximus. Maximus had the Arcum loaded and ready. He fired three arrows all at Rinocer striking him in the back. This time, however, they pierced through his skin. Rinocer let out a roar and charged at Maximus as soon as maximus hit the ground from coming down the wall. Maximus leaped up over the beastly creature and Rinocer’s horns stuck into the wall. Maximus took quick advantage of this and fired an arrow straight at Rinocer’s heart, bringing an end to his reign of terror. As soon as Rinocers’s corpse hit the turf, the city alarm went off and Dracul became aware of the young hero’s power. Maximus ran straight for the center of the city where Apollo said Dracul kept his most prized processions. His heart was racing as fast as it ever had. But, Maximus was not having any fun like he thought he would. He now realized that good people don’t kill for fun, they do it because they have