Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior

Words: 1912
Pages: 8

Maxine Hong Kingston is a Chinese American author of several novels and nonfiction works on the experiences of Chinese culture. She is the daughter of Tom Hong, a laundry worker and gambling house owner, and Ying Lan Hong, a practitioner of medicine. Her father migrated into the United States from China to find work and enhance the lives of his family members. Through his hard work and dedication, he created a path for his children to be born and raised in California. Kingston developed a passion for writing poetry at the age of nine. As she evolved as a writer, Kingston's main purpose for writing focused on her cultural heritage. As the daughter of first generation Chinese immigrants, she captures the fears and obstacles Chinese families encounter on their path towards living in America. Kingston contributed to the trials and tribulations Chinese Americans coped with as well as the feminist movement.
Kingston was an intelligent girl that blossomed in writing. At a young age, she won a five dollar prize from Girl Scout Magazine for her essay titled "I Am an American"(Jablonski). This event demonstrated her passion for writing could make her a living in America. It inspired her to do what she loved and gave her confidence in her work. Being the eldest of six children, she was
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Kingston writes this memoir to illustrate the importance her heritage has influenced on her life. The book is inspired by her mother and the main focus point in each chapter is woman's role in the Chinese society. An important tradition of the Chinese culture is storytelling. Each chapter contains different yet unique stories that were driven by her mother. Kingston explains how woman are unjustly treated and strives to improve the lives of woman of her culture. As an important leader in the feminist movement, she represents a voice for those woman who can't express their