Maxis Case Study

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Designing BSC
• Customer Perspective
Customer perspective allows Maxis to identification of customer outcome measures such as customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer retention, customer acquisition, and customer profitability in order to target their customer and market segment (Kaplan and Norton 1996). Besides that, customer perspective also can help them to focus on their merchandise and service in order to increase their sales and profit. For example, Maxis will be concern on increasing their quality of product and service because it may help to increase their customer satisfaction and stay loyalty with their product.

 Customer Retention
Customer retention is an effective method for Maxis to maintain current sales
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When they able to meet customer’s satisfaction, it might help customer stay loyalty with them. They can evaluate customer satisfaction by using customer survey. Besides that, Maxis can increase the quality of product and service to achieve their customer satisfaction.
 Customer Profitability
Maxis should set their objective by selling as much as possible in order to gain more customers. The more customers they gain, the more profit them able to get. However, Maxis have to analyze their target market because some customer able to bring more profitable for the company. Therefore, Maxis should identify and notice which customer that they want to targeted. Measure:
 Customer Survey
Customer satisfaction surveys are playing an important role in measures. Customer surveys are the most effective way to gain customer feedback and increasing customer loyalty. Besides that, customer surveys are the process of finding whether their customers are satisfied with their product and service. If not, Maxis can do some improvement based on the information that provided by their customer. For instance, Maxis can do customer surveys via face to face, mobile phone or
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Financial perspective helps identification of measures that answer the question “how do we look to shareholder?” Objective:
 Maximize Profitability
Maximize profitability is one of the primary objective of Maxis. Maxis will try to lower down the cost of production in order to obtaining profit maximization. Maximize profitability is the process to identify the most effective way or method to achieve the highest rate of return from the production model. The purpose of this effort is not to identify type of profit, but is to obtain possible highest profit margin based on current situation.
 Reduce Cost Structure
Cost structure can be identification of how the costs related with the production of good and service. It can be divided into two types such as fixed cost and variable cost. The objective of Maxis is to minimize the cost of operation that they spend so that they able to maximize the profit. For example, Maxis will minimize the cost at every stage so that they will able to get more revenue and profit. Measures:
 Return On Investment