Essay on Maya Angelou's Influences

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Maya Angelou’s Influence
Maya Angelou is terrific performer, singer, filmmaker, and civil-rights activist. She is a phenomenal woman, one thing that she does best is writing. She is still living today, I believe her legend will never die. If one would talk to her, he or she would think she has lead a normal, happy life. Her life is blissful now, it was not always perfect. Maya beard enough emotional stress in a time frame that most people do not experience in a lifetime. Her experiences and the lessons learned encouraged her to help others become strong. Maya Angelou is one of the best examples of someone overcoming rape, being mute for several years, and having a child at a young age to achieve success of becoming an accomplished
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She is a mentor and inspiration to many people in the world today. Maya’s work is powerful capturing people’s emotions with passion. Maya goes and speaks to universities and colleges. When she goes to these colleges she speaks of her grandmother, her life experiences and the lessons that she learned from them. Maya Angelou is wonderful motivational speaker. “Wherever she goes there are always interviews to be given; television and radio appearances; book signings; meetings with local officials, community groups, activists, writers and artists, but she always finds time to share laughter with friends old and new.”(Npr, 2008). Many people look up to Maya Angelou and truly shows her much respect and appreciation. Maya went through many things in her life, but she ended up becoming very successful. “Angelou participated in the Civil Rights Movement with Dr. Martin Luther King. Maya has published several outstanding books.”(Academy of Achievement, 1996-2008). In 1972, she won a Puliter Prize nomination for Just Give Me A Drink of Water fore’ I Die. She has published 10 best selling books and numerous articles for which she has been awarded the National Book Award nominations. “In January 1993, Angelou became the first poet since Robert Frost, in 1961, to take part in a presidential inauguration ceremony when she wrote and read “On the Pulse of Morning,” at President Bill Clinton’s inauguration”(SPEC, 2008)
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