Maya Civilization and Sobre Los Mayans Essay

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1) Yo he visitado un evento cultural sobre la cultura maya. El evento se llama Maya: Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth. La mayoría de los objetos y artefactos son de Guatemala. El evento esta en parque de Balboa en san diego museo de hombre. Todo el evento fue sobre los mayans y sus culturas y estilos de vida. Los mayas son conocidos por su arte, la arquitectura, las matemáticas y sistemas astronómicos. Me encanta el evento por que fue muy interesante y yo aprendí que los mayans nos ayudaron con las matemáticas. Yo recomiendo este evento a todos mi amigos si quieren aprender otra culturas y nuestra historia.

2) I believe the purpose of this event was to understand and explore diverse cultures outside of a classroom environment. This event encouraged me to attain an insight to the Mayan culture outside of the “textbook”. The Mayans were extremely intelligent. This is shown through their various types of traditions, arts and religious beliefs. The Mayans justified their intelligence as a gift of the “Gods”. In order to keep these Gods happy they participated in sacrificial ceremonies. These were depicted through paintings and stone carvings. They would then receive blessings in forms of a full harvest or shelter from invaders. I can easily compare these values to my own cultural view as a Hindu. In order to thank the Gods, Hindus partake in prayer ceremonies, which in return they receive blessings for. This activity provided me with a significant learning experience as it not only was part of my grade but I