Maya Collapse Essay

Words: 1922
Pages: 8

I. Introduction.
History of human is a long and mysterious journey to contemporary people to understand fully about it. However, it can be described briefly that “historical mankind has been mesmerized by the narrative of progress and civilization as codified by the first great agrarian kingdoms” (Scott 2011, p.2). By replacing hunters-gatherers and nomadic lifestyles with society of agriculture, people witnessed the flourish of many early civilizations in Europe, Asia such as Mesopotamian civilization, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, China dynasties, etc. Besides those big and famous civilizations existed in Europe and Asia, owning to the discovery of American continent of Christopher Columbus in 1492, one of the greatest civilizations
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Additionally, their observations of the Galaxy were proved to be accurate and were depicted in the form of chart; they are the only “pre-telescope civilization the demonstrate knowledge of the Oricon Nebula as being fuzzy” (Maya civilization, n.d.).
2.3. Architecture.
Architecture of Maya civilization is considered as one of the most noticeable aspects as well through its thousand years of development, and it was the combination of natural features and purposes of building. As it was theorized in the article “Maya civilization” (n.d), restoration of buildings or pyramids was conducted every fifty-two years according to Mayan calendar. On the contrary, the contemporary theory asserts that this work would be carried out when there was a transition in power-holding (Maya civilization, n.d.). Most buildings in Mayan society were made from stone, and the most eminent constructions are ceremonial platforms, palaces, E-groups, pyramids and temples, observatories and ball court. Another marking feature of Mayan architecture was the corbel arch or false arch which not only could help the buildings gain more air but also lighten the weight which was put on the lintel (Maya civilization, n.d.).
2.4. Writing system.
The Maya writing system which is based on phonetic symbols and logograms was the only Mesoamerican writing system fully developing its complexity and using it as officially oral language (Maya civilization, n.d.).The earliest inscription